Cucumber Face Ahhh...

                                     cucumber or carrot

We all know carrots are good for you, but cucumbers are too. The problem is, which one are you.

lets find out.     1.if you are a girly- girl then you are a carrot.

                          2. if you are a tom-boy then you are a cucumber.

                          3. if you are none of those then you are an alien.

                          4. if you dont know how to read then, what are you doing here?   

                          5. if you ( like me  )like fried chicken then you are SOoo..a cucumber.

                                                              go people who like fried chicken and hotwings!!!!!

                                                                          yayayyay... (sorry i got bored)

                     HAHAHhaahha most of you(and im talking to you) dont know what you are due to my annoying sentences and lack of talent...(oh, and also my not so many descriptive sentences.)    



                              now do you know what you are? probally not... hahaha... sorry.and now you probally have this face or this due to not caringness and boredom    bye!