Cucumber Face Ahhh...

                                     why cucumberface?

If you  are wondering why this site has the name cucumberface its because my face got red and my friend put cucumbers on it. SEE just said it and i dont really like cucumbers but they felt cold and nice on my face. Next time you get a sunburn try doing what i did put some nice cucumber slices on your face. TEEHEETEEHEETEEHEETEEHEETEEHEE........... I will update this history later (it really isnt history because i just did that a few months ago )  well bye



      -cucumberface (See said it again!!!)     \    /                                                                                                                                                            {0.o}                                                                                                                                                           {^.^}/                                                                                                                                                           * *          b-u-n-n-y that i-s h-o-w you spell b-u-n-n-y

 ____________________________________________________________________________________________      as i was saying, i would update this thing later. and i am. so teehee to all you people who thought i was wrong. BLAME YOU... not really. now, many of my friends say cucumbers are green. i asked my other friends  and they said it was brown , at first i believed them. but then i realized  they were BLUE!!!!!!!!! actully no,  i didnt think they were blue.i told my friends they were green and they said,"yes, they are green. i cant believe you actully fell for it!" haha.   hmmm... NEVER EVER BELIEVE YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never mind, believe your friends.


-cucumberface (yayaya i said it again!!!!!!!)



            c-u-c-u-m-b-e-r-f-a-c-e that is howyou spell cucumberface!!!!!!!!!!!          haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhha   bye >:) teehee


so here again i am so boreds byess... not really.... yeahs


ssssoooooooooooo bored... byes -cucumberrface                                                           


kkkk.... so im at summer school with my friend vivienne which is a member here and i changed some stuff. and yeay hahahhahahaahahha weird i am sooooo bo r e d b o r e d      ... ,,,... ,, ...... ... . . 



hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii again!!!!!!!!!!! havent been here on sooooooooooooo long,.. hehe and i changed,.. and i made new freinds,.. and i changes,.. and i am not funny anymore,..( like i was never funny,.. but o wells hehe) and my nickname is not skunk anymore,.. its LADYOWL!!!!!!!!! hehe,.. and i am not really friends with the people who made this site with me,.. umm,.. now i am really into cupcakes,.. unicorns,.. miniature stuff,.. kawaii,.. japanese stuff,.. japan ( i never went!  but i want to go!) candy rainbow,.. so pretty much i am a girly girl! hehe screw all those people who hate girlygirls,.. hehe um,... so the carrot and the cucumber page is not realllly right anymore,... since i am a girlygirl,.. ehh watevers just leave it the way it is,.. hehehhehe,... um,..... i really have nothing to write bout now and ,.. o yeah! i totalllly forgot,..i have this obsession with japanese candy,... its like,... the candy they have is like soda flavored sometimes and its really goood,..and,.. sometimes u get to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like it comews in packets andin those packets there are packets of powder,..and u mix those packets of powder with water and it turns into candy! why cant we have this everyday?????????

andy ways,... i am no longer gonna be on cucumbeerface anymore,.. so pretty much i am shutting it down,.. but u can still go on and stuff,.. i just wont do any updates,... bye -cucumberface